Inclusive Culture

Our goal is to move from a diversity reflex to an inclusion instinct.

The NBA strives to cultivate a workplace in which everyone feels welcomed and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. As an organization, we respect and value our differences while coming together as colleagues and teammates. We recognize the importance of both diversity and inclusion, and we work to advance our culture to ensure diverse viewpoints are heard. Our efforts include ongoing training across the organization globally on unconscious bias and engaging our employee resource teams in mentoring, professional development, and business-related activities.


The NBA’s employee resource teams (ERTs) are designed to facilitate connections between employees with shared interests or backgrounds. Each ERT is committed to furthering our mission, supporting the league’s strategic priorities, and providing networking and development opportunities.

    • APEX (AAPI Professional Exchange)
      APEX is committed to promoting and celebrating Asian cultures within the NBA, with a focus on engagement, inclusion, and league advocacy of Asian professionals, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the growth and success of the league. In support of this mission, APEX focuses its programming around four strategic areas: professional and leadership development, enhancing industry knowledge, networking and mentorship opportunities, and cultural and community outreach.
      Conexión éne-bé-a aims to promote and celebrate Hispanic/Latino cultures within the NBA while contributing to the league’s successes and business objectives through professional development, education, recruitment and retention, social responsibility, and connectivity with external Hispanic/Latino professional networks. Conexión is dedicated to increasing the representation of Hispanics/Latinos within the organization, raising an understanding of diverse cultures, and eliminating stereotypes through education.
      Dream in Color celebrates and promotes the diverse talents of the NBA’s Black employees through professional development initiatives and community service. Its primary goal is to encourage members to strengthen their internal and external networks by providing opportunities to share experiences and best practices for success in the sports industry. It accomplishes this by serving as a resource for strategic business initiatives, promoting the continued growth and retention of Black employees, creating platforms to facilitate engagement and mentorship, fostering an atmosphere open to race-based conversation and knowledge share, providing community service opportunities geared towards urban-youth development, and engaging in professional development and networking events.
      NBA Pride aims to bring together LBGTQ employees and allies to foster an environment in which LBGTQ employees feel empowered and encouraged to bring their whole selves to work each day.
    • NBA VETS (Voices of Employees That Served)
      NBA VETS promotes the experiences and contributions of current and former service members, provide professional development and networking opportunities for members, and create lasting relationships with community military organizations.
      The NBA Women’s Network aims to create a community for women and allies at the league the fosters dialogue and promotes professional growth through empowering women at the NBA by sharing collective knowledge, experience, and success strategies; connecting successful professionals through networking opportunities; providing visibility to NBA’s senior leadership; and leveraging women’s talents and expertise to drive the NBA’s global growth.
      NET cultivates the next generation of leaders by creating an active environment of learning and networking to further advance the careers of emerging talent within the NBA. NET’s efforts are focused within three pillars: community and connection, growth and development, and knowledge sharing.

NBA Workplace Hotline Information

Respect and integrity are core NBA values, and we all must work together to ensure that they are reflected in our culture and workplace.  To help promote these values, we have launched a hotline for team and league employees to report workplace misconduct, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Your first option remains to speak directly with Human Resources or one of the contacts designated in the Respect in the Workplace policy.  If you are uncomfortable with discussing your concern in the manner described above, or if you prefer to remain anonymous when filing your report, you should use the NBA Workplace Hotline.​

  • Availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Callers have the option to remain anonymous.
  • Once reported, summaries are promptly sent to the HR and Legal Departments for further investigation.
  • Callers are provided a report number and pin code to check the status of their report, and to add additional information if necessary.​

*While lines for regional offices are being built, a two-step dialing process is required.  Once these lines are completed, they will transition to their own direct dial number which will replace the two-step process and will be updated below.

Region Access Code When Prompted
United States 844-696-3682 One Step Dial
Canada 844-696-3682 One Step Dial
Brazil 0-800-890-0288 844-696-3682
China 400-842-3506 One Step Dial
Hong Kong 800-96-1111 844-696-3682
India 000-117 844-696-3682
Mexico 011-800-462-4240 844-696-3682
Philippines 105-11 844-696-3682
South Africa 0-800-99-0123 844-696-3682
Spain 900-99-0011 844-696-3682
Taiwan 00-801-102-880 844-696-3682
United Kingdom 0-800-89-0011 844-696-3682